Web Dev

Web Design & Development

Marketing campaigns are only as good as their online destinations. Extract will work with you to build a goal-oriented website to achieve your business objectives. Beautiful, future-proofed and crafted to drive results.

Starting from A, Focused on Z

Our website development team does more than build customized websites. Our process begins with the end result in mind – generating revenue for your organization. Beginning with the sitemap, our trusted approach to web development is designed to enable visitors to navigate to the information they seek and ultimately contact your business through menu priorities and navigational hierarchies.

The look and feel of the site speak volumes about the credibility of your company. Getting ahead of an outdated design is critical for gaining a competitive advantage, while visitors may be considering your service, solution or product. Our web design and development team at Extract Marketing Group collaborates with your company to create a clean, professional, and user centric design to help differentiate your business and clarify your messaging.

Meeting Visitors where they Are

Our website development process also factors in the value of providing stunning websites on various devices. With more and more searches occurring on mobile and tablet devices, our team ensures that responsive and mobile-friendly optimizations are conducted to help boost visibility and remain in the “good graces” of Google, Bing, and other search engine result pages (SERPs).

Website copy and content development lend themselves to the success of a website through education, driving conversions and search engine ranking. Extract works with your copy writers to ensure that priority pages of the site launch ready to rank on Google and other search engines for terms that are meaningful to your business. Conversely, we can develop copy as required and optimize it for enhanced SEO rank in-tandem with any web design and development efforts. We can’t help it; SEO is in our foundation and each of our sites benefits from the approach.

Tell me about this SEO you speak of...

Your website should not only be designed to inform and direct inbound traffic but should also drive its own organic search traffic.

Not all website development companies are equal. We pride ourselves in thinking bigger picture; with flexible partnerships, streamlined development and design and proactive optimization practices. Ready to update or launch your website? Contact Extract Marketing below today for your website development needs.