Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Engaging with your audience is important. Extract Marketing Group is here to help your company find the right blend of social media marketing channels and traffic-generating social media content. Whether its leveraging organic content, targeted promoted posts, or a custom blend of both using social media networks, we have you covered on the social media front.

Accelerating visibility for clients by leveraging promoted social channels is a cost-effective way to extend campaign reach. While it is a disruptive advertising technique (like Display Media), the targeting on social media offered is extremely specific in some cases. Successful Social Media marketing efforts are based primarily on the audience and the goals.

Why we choose social media marketing:

The Boost

The most basic approach is to “boost” content to targeted/key audiences that tends to perform well organically – we use what is working naturally and boost visibility for a wider reaching audience to lift engagement on your company’s prioritized offerings and internal initiatives

Proactive Ads

Proactive advertising is also possible, exposing similar target audiences to the client/brand without boosting existing content

Drive Awareness

Driving traffic and awareness in most social channels is generally very inexpensive

Flow of Traffic

Another great mechanism to “feed” remarketing and continue a positive flow of traffic, even after the social engagement

With social media marketing experience since the introduction of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, our team is on the cutting edge of social media strategies that will boost your follower base and lift ROI.

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