Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization isn’t a ‘nice-to-have;’ it’s a necessary component of your online marketing mix. Your website should not only be designed to inform and direct inbound traffic but should also drive its own organic search traffic.

Primed for Success

Extensive SEO keyword research, technical site audits, indexing reviews, onsite recommendations, and content analysis make up the major pillars for a successful SEO strategy – all of which are addressed in our powerful Search Engine Optimization Primer. This crucial step is where we begin forging a rock-solid organic search foundation with our SEO clients at Extract Marketing Group.

Determining your company’s SEO focus keyword list isn’t as simple as selecting a handful of terms based on your industry or vertical. Our seasoned SEO marketing team at Extract conducts historical, competitive, contextual and volume-based SEO research to customize foundational opportunities for your website. As our partnership continues, SEO terms shift based on priorities and trends to elevate your organic search rankings in areas of traffic likelihood throughout the year.

The Need for Speed

Website speed isn’t a luxury, it’s a requirement, and it’s essential that your website addresses user speed expectations as well as search engine standards as they evolve. At Extract Marketing Group, we pull comprehensive SEO website speed reports as part of our SEO strategy and approach, serving as a starting point to significantly enhance your website’s speed and user experience. In terms of conducting website speed enhancements, Extract is here to help with our in-house web development team, or, we can collaborate with your company’s internal development team on the priorities that will improve your site speed performance and help improve your organic rank on search engine results pages (SERPs).

On the technical side, we conduct an additional comprehensive report of SEO technical priority areas that may be penalizing your website’s organic search ranking, outside of web speed specific issues. This in-depth and customized report covers both the contextual and HTML code areas of your website, with specific recommendations and next steps included.

Timing + Content = Strategy

Onsite SEO optimizations set the stage for foundational improvement on your website with content-based updates. Our SEO strategy covers priority areas of opportunity on your website, with our team of SEO experts providing copy and HTML-related recommendations for your review as part of our initial SEO marketing engagement.

Additionally, ongoing content development is critical to your company’s SEO strategy, and we’re here to help! With strategically crafted content calendars that focus on seasonal trends and opportunity areas, our SEO experts at Extract can assist your company with article, blog content, and landing page creation that leverages traffic-driving keywords. This rock-solid SEO strategy provides your company with improved organic visibility while boosting organic leads that interact with your website on a monthly basis.


Outside of organic search content and website optimizations, Extract Marketing Group also address impactful SEO strategy items such as submission fulfillment, as well as ensuring your site is indexed properly for crawl-ability on Google and other search engines.

These organic search elements, in addition to monitoring upcoming SEO oriented trends, set Extract’s organic search services apart from other SEO marketing companies. We’re excited to partner with you on your search engine optimization needs and improve inbound traffic on your site with an actionable SEO strategy. Contact us below today to learn more!