Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM/Paid Search) requires technical knowledge, statistical expertise and proactive adjustments to ensure that your marketing dollars are invested wisely while continually improving ROI over time.

Customized Strategy

At Extract Marketing Group, we recognize that a “cookie cutter” SEM strategy does not work in the evolving digital marketing world; every client and every SEM campaign strategy is unique. With decades of collective search engine marketing experience, our team can construct highly customized PPC campaigns centered on driving qualified online visitors for your business from the get-go.

Search engine marketing allows us to use advanced targeting techniques to capture “warm” leads at their moment of interest. Users search for information on client products, solutions, brand-related terms, and questions that qualify them as prospects for your sales pipeline. Geographic target regions, flexible budgets, performance optimizations, quality score monitoring and rapid adoption of new SEM features allow our team at Extract Marketing Group to maximize your company’s visibility and revenue-generating performance in the SEM arena.

Colloboration is Key

We don’t just focus on generating quality online click activity. It’s the entirety of the search engine marketing lifecycle that we evaluate and optimize in order to drive increased revenue to your business. In addition to optimized search engine campaigns, landing page destinations are an essential aspect of maximizing your search engine marketing investment overall. We take pride in working collaboratively with clients; Extract can work alongside your team to either design and develop new SEM landing pages, modify existing page(s), or conduct split testing on pages simultaneously to maximize conversion performance for your organization, from click to initial point of contact.

When it comes to the management of search engine marketing campaigns, our marketing agency monitors and evaluates performance and spend levels, makes educated optimization decisions and regularly communicates with you to continually improve conversion results based on lead quality discussions. We don’t rely on fully automated SEM management systems because we understand that each organization has unique objectives. The “set it and forget it” style of systemized platforms is not utilized by Extract Marketing, as these platforms don’t account for contextually based decisions originating from propriety agency-client discussions.

Our search marketing clients range from B2B and B2C organizations, multiple verticals, across the U.S. and we manage accounts in several pay per click platforms, including Google and Bing. We’re flexible when it comes to launching entirely new accounts or transitioning existing search engine marketing accounts and will address your current search engine marketing status.

Why SEM is worth the investment:


Microtargets your optimal audiences via highly relevant search queries (which indicates search intent)


Provides an instant presence, and drives instant awareness, in response to search queries


Matches customer need (via search) with highly relevant content — for high engagement; meet them where they are.

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