Display Marketing

When it comes to generating digital marketing awareness at lower cost clicks, digital display advertising serves as a useful marketing channel to increase your online presence. At Extract Marketing Group, we recommend display marketing channels that fit your vertical and budget.

Contextually Based Strategies

To fuel awareness and traffic for clients, we typically recommend display and remarketing components paired with rich media and video ads if possible. We layer in targeting to specific hand-selected sites, contextually based on keywords within content to target previous visitors and drive them back to the destination pages on your company’s website.

Target Where Your Audience Is

Unique display marketing campaigns can be utilized as well. Extract can execute geo-fencing campaigns to deliver ads in real-time during events or conferences. We have negotiated rates for display networks that leverage 3rd party targeting & offline behavioral data. Video advertising efforts can also be launched to expand visibility and engage users in tandem with other ROI driven channels such as Search Engine Marketing or Social Media Marketing.

5 Reasons we like display marketing:

1) Brand Awareness

Google Display Network, Display Partners Remarketing & YouTube represent strong performance and brand awareness channels

2) Your Goals

We make channel and media selections based on client needs and goals

3) Fast Results

Testing a wide variety of placements, contextual keywords, demographic and interest targeting allows for rapid result

4) Repeat Visitors

Remarketing brings previous visitors back to your website that may be considering your offering(s). We can segment specific audiences based on pages visited

5) Engagement + Conversions

Layered with display ad creative & video testing, we can generate even stronger engagement and cost-effective lead conversions over time
Banner and rich media ads can be client provided or Extract Marketing Group can assist as needed on the creative side to expedite the display marketing setup process. Contact us below today to learn more about our customizable display marketing solutions!