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Website development image compression
November 3, 2021
Organic, Cold-Pressed Images

The importance of image compression on websites An often-overlooked method for speeding up a website is photo compression. The benefits of changing your image file size are two-fold: you achieve a better user experience because the page doesn’t take forever to render and you’ll achieve a better site speed score with Google, and ideally more...

local seo company for niche businesses
July 28, 2021
Be the leader in your niche

Your target audience will trust and appreciate an updated website, even if it’s smaller and local! Since most of us have lived with Internet for decades, we know an outdated website when we see it. And by reflex we will leave that website quickly in search of the “best”. So even if your industry or...

February 12, 2021
Hard Work Pays Off, So Does a Website

You’ve worked hard for years building your business. You deliver a quality service and customers notice – they in turn, refer you to family and friends. Your organic word-of-mouth marketing is second to none and you’ve achieved this without having a website. But have you thought maybe there is still money on the table? Even...

August 7, 2020
When your Site Speed isn’t so speedy: The Top 5 Elements to Focus On

So you’ve partnered with an amazing digital marketing company to create your website (perhaps it was Extract Marketing…wink) and they’ve whipped up an equally amazing website design. However, once you go to launch, your gratification is delayed because of your site speed. This can be a result of many factors (with solutions that Extract layers-in...

July 28, 2020
BUT IS WORDPRESS SECURE?: In defense of WordPress & your future website

The naysayers, who claim that WordPress isn’t secure or reliable for website development, aren’t privy to the fact that a 3rd of the entire web-a-sphere is WordPress generated. That is a whole lot of content management. Including small local businesses, mid-sized organizations that utilize the robust content tools and even Fortune 500 companies that use...

July 20, 2020
Unveiling Our New Website

Extract Marketing Group is thrilled to unveil our newly designed website. As an SEM and SEO consulting company offering professional website development, it was essential for Extract Marketing Group to have a website that reflects our passion for online marketing services. The site highlights our digital media marketing services including display advertising, search engine optimization,...