University of Pennsylvania – IPD

Web Development
Lift in Users25%+
Lift in New Users22%+
Improvement in Bounce Rate57%+
Increase in pages per session24%+
The Integrated Product Design School of the University of Pennsylvania tasked us with restructuring their existing website. It needed to serve 3 purposes: serve as an online interactive brochure for potential students; represent the School to the public & greater UPenn community; and also be a resource for existing students who access Course descriptions and Program requirements.
Extract Marketing Group simplified the overall site structure. This was a departure from the previous iteration that had color-designated tiling, which required “drilling down” to find desired info. We kept the overall navigation in the header, while presenting IPD’s programs in a cohesive & succinct structure – each Program having encapsulated descriptions available at a glance; including a sample class schedule. We layered call-to-actions for potential students throughout the site.

IPD’s innovative Programs gave Extract Marketing Group the license and tools to design a creative & visually interesting website, which all starts with a masonry tiled home page. Working within UPenn’s established brand and color palette, we structured the interior pages with a bold photo header & color appropriate ombre overlay.

IPD had an important requirement: display all their courses with coordinating course numbers & descriptions. Instead of relying on a long scroll through each course, we integrated on-demand navigation that takes visitors to the exact Level or Course. This navigation was unobtrusively available with a specific icon button, which triggers a slide-out menu.

Secondly, IPD needed an extensive portfolio to display student innovations. Including a visually stunning tiled landing page for the portfolio, we formatted the breakout portfolio with important Course, Instructor & student headings. Ample imagery for each product was presented in a clean and modern display.

Lastly, a comprehensive SEO Primer was conducted. Beginning with keyword research that lead to on-site content, meta and header optimizations. Extract Marketing also dove into technical website enhancements and site-speed improvements to ensure optimal search engine indexing and improved organic search positioning/traffic.

Other notable features that Extract Marketing Group achieved are: interactive FAQ’s, a “Studio Life” Instagram integration, a News & Events section with easily updatable CMS for the client, and a specific “Apply” page for potential students.

The Results
25%+ Lift in Users 24%
22%+ Lift in New Users 22%
57%+ improvement in Bounce Rate (dropping to only 20%) 57%
24%+ increase in pages per session 24%
Nearly a 10% improvement of time on site 10%