Eleanor Health

Increase in Impressions409%
Increase in Clicks442%
Increase in Calls116%
Increase in Form Submissions450%
Eleanor Health is a leader in addiction treatment, working to change the addiction and mental health landscape, transforming the quality, delivery, and accessibility of addiction treatment, by treating each patient with a personalized and customized approach to their individual struggle. Extract Marketing Group worked with Eleanor Health to expand their Google Ads campaign, boosting performance and visibility for Eleanor’s numerous locations, while successfully building and executing a campaign for their new tele-health services during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Extract Marketing Group assisted Eleanor Health in assessing and reorganizing their SEM with the goal of increasing brand awareness in specific communities, increasing admissions, and improving organizational growth. Extract also customized and executed a campaign for Eleanor Health’s new tele-health services, specializing in remote addiction treatment, as the COVID-19 pandemic brought forth new obstacles for Extract to help Eleanor overcome. Additionally, Extract assisted with the growth of website traffic through display re-marketing and native advertising.
After evaluating Eleanor Health’s initial Google Ads campaign, and following a comprehensive inspection of Eleanor Health’s website and services, Extract worked with Eleanor Health to refine keyword research for each of Eleanor Health’s various locations, expanding each location into a branded campaign and a more service oriented campaign for each location. Extract Marketing Group then delivered and executed recommendations for improving bid strategies, ad scheduling and rotation, extensions, overall visibility, and traffic. New ads were built utilizing key terms while applying strategic negatives to filter out non-converters with multiple ad variations focusing on different aspects of Eleanor Health’s service offerings such as Personalized Treatment, Medically Assisted Treatment, Relapses, and, as the COVID-19 pandemic surfaced, Telemedicine. After the overwhelming success of the initial campaigns, three additional locations were later added with similar results and campaigns expanded into new pay per click channels including Bing Ads, Display Re-marketing and Native Advertising
The Results
Eleanor Health experienced a 409% increase in Impressions 100%
Eleanor Health experienced a 442% increase in Clicks with a 6% increase in CTR 100%
Eleanor Health experienced a 66% increase in Admission Inquiries 66%
Eleanor Health experienced a 116% increase in Calls 100%
Eleanor Health experienced a 450% increase in Form Submissions 100%