Paid Reach Increase71%
Increase in Visitors36%
Increase in Conversions67%
Increase in New Visitors39%
DocuVault is one of the foremost records management service providers, offering art storage, document storage, retrieval, indexing, secure shredding services, scanning services, electronic data storage and destruction, as well as x-ray disposal services. Extract Marketing Group worked with DocuVault, rebuilding their Google Ads campaign to boost performance and visibility while executing a one-time SEO primer to enhance brand trust and enhance organic awareness.
The Extract Marketing Group assisted DocuVault in assessing and reorganizing their SEM with the goal of refining spend, bringing on more conversions, and improving ROI while also isolating opportunities to expand their audience and gain more leads. Extract also customized and executed a one-time SEO primer designed to fortify DocuVault’s organic search position while improving audience usability and increasing organic conversions on the DocuVault website.
Following a comprehensive inspection of DocuVault’s website and website conversion history, Extract worked with DocuVault to complete target keyword research and filter the list to its top performers based on competition, audience traffic, and services offered. Extract also identified the top dozen pages on DocuVault’s site, based on analytics and SEO traction, offering site speed and onsite optimization recommendations for copy, alt tags, metas, hyperlinks, and backlinking.


After evaluating DocuVault’s initial Google Adscampaign, Extract Marketing Group delivered and then executed recommendations for improving bid strategies, ad scheduling and rotation, extensions, as well as overall visibility and traffic. New ads were built utilizing new key terms while applying strategic negatives to filter out non-converters. A focus was applied to shredding services to capitalize and expand upon existent market share opportunities. Additional remarketing campaign efforts were added soon after.
The Results
Organic Reach is up 7% with Paid Reach increasing 71% 71%
DocuVault has seen a 36% increase in Visitors 36%
DocuVault has seen a 39% increase in New Visitors 39%
Overall Time Spent On Site has increased by a full 47 seconds 47%
There has been a 67% increase in Conversions 67%
There has been an 87% increase in Phone Calls with a 44% increase in Form Submissions 44%
The average ROI generated by the Google Ads was 488%, only taking into account initial client agreements, outside of lifetime value 100%