BUT IS WORDPRESS SECURE?: In defense of WordPress & your future website

The naysayers, who claim that WordPress isn’t secure or reliable for website development, aren’t privy to the fact that a 3rd of the entire web-a-sphere is WordPress generated. That is a whole lot of content management. Including small local businesses, mid-sized organizations that utilize the robust content tools and even Fortune 500 companies that use WP for microsites and fully functional blogs.

At Extract Marketing, we love the scalability of WordPress for web development & that the roots of this open-source content are metaphorically watered everyday. It’s not only a CMS; it’s a community endeavor. One niche of that community expertise is that of cyber security.

With all of our WP website clients, Extract Marketing advocates the use of WordFence – A robust and scalable plug-in for malware protection and general cyber security. With WordFence activated, you can receive an automatic email notifying you of an occurrence & what the tool is doing in real time to protect you. Unfortunately it’s not uncommon to see a brute force attack from a distant land, where WordFence has just jousted away 250 intrusion attempts.

The beauty of WordFence: it’s continually updating & reporting the bad guys – implementing ways to automatically block them. If you have the premium version, you can block entire countries from accessing your website. But there is little functional up-sell; the basic/free features are equally robust. Want to automatically block someone who uses a phony username: blocked. More that two log-in attempts: blocked again. Want to permanently block a particular IP address? That can be done too. WordFence is essentially your firewall in-a-box.

The beauty of building a website on WordPress is the numerous plug-ins that only enhance this type of security. If you want to hide the typical URL to access your administrator login, that can be done. If you wanted the added peace-of-mind of two-factor authentication, not to worry. Say you don’t like the tech savvy folks to see that your source files are WordPress generated – that can be fixed too; it’s called masking & everyday can be Halloween.

If you are feeling more confident about WordPress and want to explore all of your marketing potential with a flexible back-end to control your own website’s content, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for your website development goals.  We are as user-friendly and scalable, as our preferred CMS preference.

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