Hard Work Pays Off, So Does a Website

You’ve worked hard for years building your business. You deliver a quality service and customers notice – they in turn, refer you to family and friends. Your organic word-of-mouth marketing is second to none and you’ve achieved this without having a website. But have you thought maybe there is still money on the table? Even yet, with a yearlong pandemic, is it worth exploring another mode of revenue? At Extract Marketing Group, our answer is a resounding “YES” – and we’ll tell you why web design services for small businesses pay off!

There is a subset of the market today that won’t even consider hiring a roofer or plumber or do business with any company that does not have a trustworthy Internet footprint. Generations Z through X have been trained to look for a website or testimonials before they even consider a business or service. While it’s only optics, this type of potential customer will wonder “Why?” a cabinet maker or general contractor doesn’t have a portfolio of their jobs visible online & worse, these legitimate online leads won’t be able to find the services they need anywhere near the first page of Google.

If you’re a landscaper, tree removal service, electrician or any other respected tradesman, you can achieve a successful digital marketing and web presence that will bring you an influx of new business leads and revenue without investing a fortune of your hard-earned money. At Extract Marketing Group, we provide trusted web design services for small business with proven results and revenue generation. With our approach to small business website design, our team of digital marketing professionals can get you started with a mobile-friendly, clean and effective website without breaking the bank. All it takes is a short, fun questionnaire that we’ve assembled, and in turn we can lay down a foundation and scope of work which will gain you new customers; customers that will then continue your stellar track record of a friend telling a friend, telling their mom what amazing work you do!

About Extract Marketing Group

Extract Marketing represents decades of digital marketing and advertising expertise. Everyone at Extract has both client-side and agency-side experience. Exceeding client goals is our #1 priority from the initial planning phase, through the development process, and across the long-term evolution of your marketing campaigns. Contact us today for more info on how Extract Marketing Group can help with web development, SEO optimization, and SEM digital marketing.

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