Be the leader in your niche

Your target audience will trust and appreciate an updated website, even if it’s smaller and local!

Since most of us have lived with Internet for decades, we know an outdated website when we see it. And by reflex we will leave that website quickly in search of the “best”. So even if your industry or organization caters to a small audience, most of your potential clients or consumers have seen enough of the cyber world to expect more.

Like a lot of niche businesses, you may be missing out, leaving money AND your brand awareness on the table by not keeping up with the latest website development and SEO marketing best practices. For instance, in today’s digital marketing and online business landscape, it is crucial for niche businesses to ensure that their desired clientele is seeing a fast and responsive website across all device types (e.g., computers, mobile phones, tablets).

Additionally, consumer confidence is a fickle friend. For example, if you are a cozy bed and breakfast that has pleasing photos and an inspiring introduction, you are covering the basics. However, if your local business competitor has integrated user reviews and an online booking platform, they clearly have a leg up. The more your web presence and website design caters to today’s Internet searchers, the more trust your audience will afford you, boosting your business’s website-based ROI.

Industries where we have seen opportunities for improvement include: Religious Organizations and Churches, HOAs, Mom & Pop stores, Legacy non-profits, Vacation Rentals and more.

So you’ve identified that you could use some help, now you just need to make a start.

Extract Marketing Group is a seasoned ally that can partner with your niche business to cultivate fresh calls-to-action and subsequent results. Our dedicated team of digital marketing professionals will research your top competitors in the community while identifying web development and local SEO opportunities that put your business and mission statement in the spotlight, driving qualified traffic and eyeballs to your fully optimized website.

And here’s the kicker: When your website is firing on all cylinders, it’s also continuing to work for you off-line. Your audience has gained the confidence to recommend friends and colleagues by word of mouth, the oldest and most trusted form of marketing. With a beautifully designed and optimized website from Extract Marketing Group, you’ll be ready for that powerful first impression online!

About Extract Marketing Group

Extract Marketing represents decades of digital marketing and advertising expertise. Everyone at Extract has both client-side and agency-side experience. Exceeding client goals is our #1 priority from the initial planning phase, through the development process, and across the long-term evolution of your marketing campaigns. Contact us today for more info on how Extract Marketing Group can help with web development, SEO optimization, and SEM digital marketing.

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