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Extract Marketing Group’s Story


Extract was founded in 2013. Originally established as a boutique digital marketing agency to service small-medium sized businesses surrounding our hometown of Media, PA.

Our expertise came from a rich history of both client-side and agency-side experience, across nearly every vertical and solving countless marketing questions. During our first year of business these collective experiences caught up with Extract Marketing and we had the opportunity to discuss digital marketing opportunities with organizations much larger than originally intended.

We expanded rapidly to meet the needs of our clients, all while maintaining the boutique and highly customized marketing approach we originally set out to achieve. This resulted in a fantastic combination of recommending only what clients needed via brainstorming sessions and strategic explorations ahead of proposing a single marketing solution.

The result of this custom-built approach to client’s marketing strategies always allows for a mutual understanding to materialize before any Agreements are struck. No surprises, no boilerplate offerings, no high-pressure sales tactics, just honest assessments based on client needs paired with what Extract can deliver to meet these digital marketing needs.

Fast forward to now. Not much has changed aside from our scale. Extract is flexible and responsive while maintaining strong marketing performance and accountability. We pride ourselves on delivering marketing solutions based on what our client’s need vs. simply what our client’s can afford. We are always busy doing what we love to do: Digital Marketing, Driving Results and Exceeding Client Expectations.

Extract Marketing Group’s Mission

To solve complex digital marketing challenges with customized solutions and growth driven success.


Extract Marketing Core Principles

Results First: Extract’s growth is intrinsically linked to our client’s growth. We do not take a cut of your digital media budget as this only motivates agencies to convince you to spend more. Our goal is always to drive results first, so our clients are in a position to expand their marketing campaigns.

Experience Driven: From B2C to B2C in nearly all industries, our collective experience prevents steep learning curves and wasted media/tactical dollars.

Client Sidekick: Extract serves as an extension of your marketing team. Whether we handle a single aspect of your digital marketing or every element of it. We are transparent in our methods, quick to adapt and able to apply critical solutions to improve your business objectives

Hands-On: We avoid any “copy and paste” campaigns, we don’t depend on “blackbox” software, we don’t setup your SEM campaigns to run on 3rd party algorithms.

Flexibility: Extract believes in maintaining flexible workspaces and schedules. This reduces waste and allows us to reduce costs for our clients. Expedited remote meetings, evening hours and quick response teams to get more done on time and on budget.

Now that you know more about us, we'd like to know more about you and your online marketing goals!

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After spending 15 years in leadership roles for client-side companies and marketing agencies, I was committed to eliminating inefficiencies and wasteful bad habits. The end result was the creation of Extract Marketing Group. Our team is a reflection of this mindset and we deeply appreciate our clients.
Bob Clements - Extract Marketing Group Founder