About Extract Marketing

Flexible Team

Extract believes in maintaining flexible work spaces and schedules. This reduces waste and allows us to reduce costs to our clients. Expedited remote meetings, evening hours, quick response times allow us to get more done on time and on budget.

Experience Driven

We’ve run B2C and B2B in just about every industry. This collective experience pool prevents pitfalls and wasted time/media.

Client Sidekicks

Extract is an extension of your marketing team. Transparent in our methods, quick to adapt and able to apply critical thinking to help solve business objectives.

Hands-On Approach

We don’t copy and paste campaigns, we don’t depend entirely on formulas, we don’t setup your campaigns to run on 3rd party algorithms.

How we work.

Step 1 | Discover

Let’s see how we can help. Fill out our contact form, send us an email or give us a call.

  • Assess challenges/define landscape
  • Explore opportunities within your target market
  • Develop mutually beneficial proposal

Step 2 | Plan

Extract enters into the planning phase to map out a customized game plan.

  • What are the goals of our marketing/advertising efforts?
  • Which channels and tactics will help us achieve the goals quickly?
  • How, Where and When do we launch the marketing efforts?
  • Your plan will answer each of the questions above and provide a detailed layout of how it will all be accomplished

Step 3 | Build

Search campaigns, display media, consulting engagements, websites, landing pages, etc… the plan is built and executed.

  • Develop thorough campaigns based on all information provided
  • Compile tactical components as well as assessments
  • Establish performance benchmarks and measurement methods

Step 4 | Launch & Optimize

Once everything is in place, it is time to review, launch and optimize.

  • Final reviews conducted prior to launch
  • Measurement and optimization begins immediately following launch
  • Continued management, analysis and improvement will lead to optimal results over time

Who we are.

Extract Marketing represents decades of digital marketing and advertising expertise. Everyone here has both client-side and agency-side experience. Exceeding client goals is the #1 priority from the initial planning phase, through the development process and across the long term evolution your marketing campaigns.


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